Point Of Sale

is a Cashier Application with Tough Performance. We help you make your business more efficient, by managing your business anywhere and anytime..

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Cybereye Community


is community for learn and discussion like forum. We invite all community become our partner to help resource for learn and upgrade knowledge. We do IoT (Internet of Things) and App Development and all that with love.

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Customers Relationship Manager

Builds strong relationships with your customers and you allow you to use colleagues, bosses, other teams in the business, and partners.

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Human Resources Manager

helps you by putting aside your new employees, managing your employee's data and files, time-offs and over time, and most importantly: payroll - all on the web that your entire team can use immediately or install a mobile application.

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provides fully customizable software to support your specific procument process. includes management suppliers, product catalog, purchase order management and etendering functionalities. w-PCR also provides budgeting, purchase requests, approvals, document management and asset management features.

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